Trophies and Awards

Sponsored Trophies

Trophy sponsorship is a novel and lasting form of support. These special awards are sponsored through multi-year pledges from companies and individuals, and are an exciting addition to the traditional first, second and third place trophies.

If you would like to sponsor a trophy contact Hospice Cup at or by calling 410-919-8393

Hospice Cup 2018 features nine special trophies, each recognizing distinctive sailing performances or other achievements.

In addition to the Sponsored Trophies class trophies are awarded to boats who come on 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their race category.  The award presentation takes place during the Shore Party on Race day.

Hospice Cup also recognized the top three fundraisers each year.  These magnificent people raise funds through our Firstgiving site and are really top of their class!  They receive a good bag chocked full of gift certificates, incentives and promotions for services and products from area companies.